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Advanced Tissue Imaging & Tumor Microenvironment


Amina Nurmammadova received an offer to join the MD Anderson Cancer Center as a PhD student with full stipend -- congratulations!

Lanzhu Li received a competitive travel grant from the ECI 2024 Dublin conference organizers -- congratulations!

About Us

The Schürch Lab focuses on understanding tumor immunology and the tumor microenvironment in human cancer and murine tumor models by using highly multiplexed microscopy and machine learning-based computational analysis.

About Christian

Christian is a board-certified surgical pathologist with profound basic and translational research training and 15 years of experience in basic and translational cancer research, focusing on hematological malignancies and the tumor immune microenvironment. This includes mouse models of solid and hematological tumors (genetically engineered mice, xenografts), flow cytometry, mass cytometry (CyTOF) and highly multiplexed fluorescence microscopy with 50+ markers (CODEX technology), as well as computational data analysis algorithms. Christian is a very collaborative scientist and involved in numerous multi-institutional, multi-national scientific research projects.

About Pathology

Pathology is a clinical discipline of medicine. A pathologist's job is to accurately diagnose cancer, prognosticate outcome and predict response to therapy. In addition, pathologists play a key role in basic and translational medical research by providing expertise in tissue diagnostics, immunohistochemistry and molecular tests.

About Tübingen

Tübingen is a scenic university town on the Neckar river in South-Western Germany, close to Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg. The quality of life is exceptional, and the atmosphere is diverse, inclusive, and very friendly. Most locals speak English. Tübingen offers excellent research opportunities due to its University, the University Hospital, four Max Planck Institutes, and CyberValley, Europe’s largest artificial intelligence / machine learning research consortium.

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